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Scandinavia's biggest Blood Bowl club, located in Stockholm.*

We are a bunch of Blood Bowl coaches who come together to play our teams in our leagues in order to have fun and become champion of the season.

Here you will among many things find info on the participating teams, standings of the current seasons (if any are running at the moment), the results of previously played seasons and lots of statistics and records.

This is not an online league, we play the game table top IRL. The leagues are located in Stockholm, Sweden. Usually we play 3 regular seasons (and a number of other leagues) every year. When a season is running, we usually play one match every two weeks.

We're always recruiting, so if you live in/near Stockholm and want to join the club, or if you find incorrect data, dead links etc. feel free to mail us.

* Think you have a bigger club? We'd love to be proven wrong! Drop us an e-mail.

- aka: The Commish

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Nov. 12th, 2021
Season 33 Finals day
Sunday the 12 of December at Alphaspel.
- Semi playoff and Final match for the Season 33 champion,
- During this day we will also arrange a 7-evens tournament for all rookies to veteran coaches to enjoy a day of Blood Bowl awesomeness (more info will come).
- Lastly we have a player meeting to discuss add-ons, rules and regulation changes for the next season of league and open.
- Juiblex
Sep. 30th, 2021
Magyar Marauders regerande mästare
Magyar Marauders vann Season 32 finalen och är regerande Stockbowl mästare.
- Ionas
Sep. 9th, 2021 - old news
Open 33
Open 33 is live.

No dungeon or boat but 2 matches allowed per team (Two teams: one normal and one stunty allowed per player, as before).

Special play cards is allowed but not specific team cards.
- DavidD
Aug. 31st, 2021 - old news
Season 33
Season 33 will start on Thursday the 2nd of September.
Semi-finals, finals and Squigball is on Sunday the 12th of December.
- Ionas
July 9th, 2021 - old news
Nytt regelsystem
Vi har nu bytt regelsystem och har en sommar-Open, "Beta" Open, igång. Meddela lämplig Commish om ni behöver hjälp med att skapa ett nytt lag och att anmäla er.

Alla lag är uppdaterade. Meddela oss om ni hittar några fel.
- Ionas

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