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Scandinavia's biggest Blood Bowl club, located in Stockholm.*

We are a bunch of Blood Bowl coaches who come together to play our teams in our leagues in order to have fun and become champion of the season.

Here you will among many things find info on the participating teams, standings of the current seasons (if any are running at the moment), the results of previously played seasons and lots of statistics and records.

This is not an online league, we play the game table top IRL. The leagues are located in Stockholm, Sweden. Usually we play 3 regular seasons (and a number of other leagues) every year. When a season is running, we usually play one match every two weeks.

We're always recruiting, so if you live in/near Stockholm and want to join the club, or if you find incorrect data, dead links etc. feel free to mail us.

* Think you have a bigger club? We'd love to be proven wrong! Drop us an e-mail.

- The Commish

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Jan. 18th, 2023
Season 36 ready to start!
We are 27 coaches ready to fight for the price of this season!

Good luck to all teams and dont forgett to have fun aswell....
- Juiblex
Dec. 21st, 2022
Season 36 Open for entry
Entry for participation is now open!

The season will run from week 3 (16/1-23) up until week 22 (4/6-23), with semi and finals planned for the Sunday of 4th of June. In total about 10 matches, one match every second week

If you don’t feel like to commit, we will also run a “open” league which has no commitments and are a great way to try your might on the Blood Bowl field.

For the teams that don’t make the cut for this season’s playoff, we will host a Squigbowl tournament. Squigbowl will be played as three games parallell to the playoff games. It will be run as a three-game tournament with swiss pairing.

Join our forum at www.forum.swebba.se or create your account at http://www.stockbowl.bbleague.se/ to join our community.

Rulechanges & Clarifications:
- Added inducements and Star players (under way)
- All Skill-ups most be done in post-game sequence, If not contact Commish.
- Not allowed to set bounties on own players!
- ReDraft limit Season 36 1300KGP, Season 37 will be raised to 1450KGP

- Juiblex
Dec. 11th, 2022
Bloodbowl är skoj!
Säsong 35, har nått sitt slut, vi har en vinnare. Ozt vann finalen mot Anders och tog hem ännu en seger i ligan.

Vi planerar att starta säsong 36 i januari. Fram tills dess är det open som gäller.

Väl mött!
- Anders
Nov. 15th, 2022 - old news
SWEBBA är tillbaka!
SWEBBA är nu online igen och vi kör på som vanligt där igen!

Kommer även att uppdatera Stockbowls facebook sidan allt eftersom.

- Juiblex
Oct. 25th, 2022 - old news
SWEBBA tilfälligt nere
SWEBBA ligger tillfälligt nere. Så vi kan inte boka matcher via SWEBBAjust nu. När ni är inloggade kan ni se kontaktuppgifterna till de andra coacherna.
Hör av er till commish eller info (@stockbowl.se) om ni har problem.

Använder mig av Stockbowls facebooksida att få ut informationen om nya rundan för stunden.
- Ionas

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