Hungry hungry hippos

Race:  Ogre
Coach:  Thursablot

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Bulletin board from the coach
July 17th, 2014 - old news
Our name is Legion
Before the last game of the season after the humiliating loss in Hungry hungry hippos - Dunwyn Horrors (Season 14, Round 5) the hippos called in some backup in Triplepow Theodore, Failing Frank, Cursed Carl and Run away Ronny.

The fans was in uproar when they lost their opportunity to get that journeymen spot. Will the Hippo Horde be enough to get The Over-Eazy to their lizard knees?
- Thursablot
May 29th, 2014 - old news
we face a chaos team for the first time. Coach sais its like a few weaker ogres and snotlings with horns. Whats the deal, why not just real ogre and snotlings?
We will try a journeysnot this game to. Chaos strikes back, HA! they can try next game.
- Thursablot
May 11th, 2014 - old news
Small like our snotlings but with big helmets. We just hit some more and then make some goals. Fouling helmetheads? Ha, we will show them fouling!
- Thursablot
Apr. 28th, 2014 - old news
The Hippos are hungry!
Raahhhgh the Norsemen gave us thirst for more!
Flying Fred flew to his death so we don't count that. He was weak anyway... Season 14 will be the year of the mighty Ogre hordes.
- Thursablot
Tournaments played:
Reserves Rumble, Squig Bowl 13, Season 14, SquigBowl 14, Season 15, Season 16
Trophies won:
Collector cards: Season 14
Beat the Monkey: Season 15



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